Where Are You From?  


A simple question on the surface, and one of the most commonly asked questions when you meet someone for the first time – in a social setting, at a business event, on a plane, in a restaurant, anywhere, really.


Think about the last time you met someone new…it probably went something like this…


What is your name? 

What do you do?

Where are you from? 


At the heart of the question is the desire to build bridges and make connections. When you strike up a conversation with someone new, it is human nature to want to know more about that individual, to see what you have in common and connect with that person. And there is no better way to do that than through a place. The question and conversation can start with your hometown and often leads to much more – where your family is living today, where your favorite sports team is based, or where you last ate your favorite childhood meal.  


With this fundamental question in mind – Where are you from? – our team launched this apparel line to help you build more bridges and make it easier to create new connections. We made it cool for you to represent where you are from, share some of the favorite places you have been or where you currently live. 


If you don’t see your airport city or area code listed, please in-box us, and we can have it added with a minimum order of five pieces.


We hope you will enjoy the conversations that will ensue and the many new connections you will make – and remember to always proudly represent where you are from!